House Couture With The Three C`s

Date Published 07 October 2017

Just how do you best show off your abode when you are planning for a viewing? We are great believers in the three C's… 'Cosy', ‘Clean' & ‘Clutter Free'
Simple things can bring that warm and comforting feeling to your home, turn up the dial of your heating, unless we are going through a heatwave obviously...not too much, but just enough. Plump up your cushions and drape your throws artistically over your settee. Make sure your curtains are matching and tied back.
Does your home smell deliciously inviting? Because yes the old bread trick or some warming spices recently boiled, does work! Finally display some beautifully cheerful, bright fresh flowers AND most importantly have fun whilst your dressing your home!!
Our second 'C' is CLEAN! Have a good old scrub of your kitchen and bathroom and make it gleam with a welcoming smile. A little bleach and rubber gloves goes a long way, but make sure that you make the smell pleasant with a small amount of aromatic air freshener or even a little perfume if you are feeling posh!
Remove any dirty clothes or smelly towels.....and display your most fluffy and luxurious bathroom textiles if you can.
Remove bins and remember the garden is part of your home too and becoming more and more important to buyers these days, so mow the lawn, paint walls, clean sheds out and have a good weed! Don't forget to clean the windows and if you have pets remember their beds need washing too.
Just think of it as a double whammy, making your home as perfect as it can be AND having a free work out .... it's all good...hurray!!!
Our last 'C' stands for CLUTTER FREE. Many of us love knick knacks, but we implore you to cut down on your curio and get rid of some gewgaws (and what a wonderful word that is!)
Make your home as minimalistic as possible, this will give the feeling of space and calm. Ensure your cupboards are tidy within also and encourage the viewer to look inside them.
Gather any children's toys and place into one area. Don't forget that all important garden, this needs attention too. Make any containers resplendent with seasonal flowers. If you have an outside office, make this neat too, very often this can be seen as an extra room, so is just as important as those inside!
The first impression on seeing a property is so important. If you are considering selling or currently on the market seriously consider the Three C's, also walk along your street and see how the front of your home compares with you neighbours, remove rubbish that may have blown into your garden. It's all in the presentation!