How To Beat The Halloween House Horrors!

Date Published 25 October 2017

Halloween is on its way and spookily enough the team at Saunders & Lingard know all the horrors that customers will be imagining when they sell or buy a home. Are they psychic? Have they been attending an estate agents seance? NO ....they just have 57 years of experience between them and have gathered the knowledge that they need to appease all the scary doubts that their customers may have!

Selling Your Home
These ghost-busting, ghoul crushing, witch defying, South Devon estate agents are here to save the devilish day, with answers to all your questions about selling your home, on the special page of their site named VENDORS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
These are just some of the questions answered on the team's site:
• How much is my property worth?
• How do Saunders & Lingard promote my property for sale?
• Do I have to do my own viewings?
• Who handles negotiations?
• How do I know the buyer is genuine?
• Do you think my home is ready to sell?
Buying A Home
If your bogeyman doubts come in the form of bloodcurdling questions because you are buying a new home .... do not despair, Saunders & Lingard will shower you will good light and advice on their site page BUYERS FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS
These are just some of the questions answered on the Saunders & Lingard site:
• Can I afford to buy a new home?
• What happens when I put an offer in?
• What is conveyancing?
• What happens after I have chosen my conveyancer?
• How much deposit will I need and when?
• What will a mortgage company need me to do?

So ....Knock once for YES and visit the Frequently Asked Questions for all your vendor and buyer questions to be answered!!

The Saunders & Lingard team are here to help put your mind at ease and to arrange a free, no obligation marketing valuation and discuss preparing your property for marketing. Call us now on 01803 611420 or 01626 240229 for more details.