No High Street Office? No Problem!

Date Published 25 September 2017

The team know that the importance of availability at all times, is high on the wish list for customers. Whilst to many, this would historically mean access to a high street office, Saunders & Lingard find that in actual fact, not having this, is in itself an advantage.

Rather than having business hours from Monday to Saturday, from nine to five. Sue, Sara and Rob use technology to the utmost advantage and are available to their valued clients via email, telephone and social media 7 days a week, 365 days a year....and yes they have closed sales on Christmas Day and Bank Holidays!

This does not, however, mean that Saunders & Lingard fall into the category of the online ‘bargain' estate agencies. Many of these agencies only run a laptop valuation, with no local knowledge and no property visit. Sue, Sara and Rob know the importance of maximising value for clients selling their home. The team are committed to truly appraising your home based on local know how and market understanding and offer the full range of traditional estate agency services.

Sara Fiddes states: 'Many a time we have taken control of a situation from an unhappy client using one of the basic online agency services and we have secured viewings within 24 hrs of valuing the property and achieved the maximum property sale value for the client, which considerably exceeded the laptop valuation … all due to our experience and local expertise!'

It is no wonder that many customers come back time and time again to Sue, Sara and Rob, safe in the knowledge that they will provide all they need for a seamless and stress-free result!

Refreshing and unique, Saunders & Lingard are looking forward to helping their customers open the door to a better kind of estate agency...

Article contributed by Fran Suermondt, Rabbit Attack PR.