The Best Ways For A Positive Property Exposé

Date Published 30 July 2018

As your British Property Awards 2018 Winning estate agency based in Paignton and Newton Abbot, we understand that we live in a busy, sometimes hectic world, where time can be restricted and very precious.
With this is mind there are a number of methods with which interest can be created in a property and thus prove helpful in finding a buyer. A combination of effective social media, local advertising, web site, photos and accurate descriptions of properties are a must.
'Open House' Events can present the benefit of having a well prepared and welcoming property available for viewers to explore, often with no need to book a special appointment. It can also allow for buyers who are just starting out looking for properties who find that their interest is peaked by the Open House opportunity.
So for optimum results, all of these points below are beneficial:
Social Media
The benefits of posting interesting company news and information about new properties on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, should never be underestimated. Social media is also an ideal platform to highlight an 'Open House' or charity event, so Saunders & Lingard actively utilise these to ensure that they are covering all bases to increase interest levels.
A property can really shine on an estate agent's website if it is easy to navigate, has top notch photographs and well crafted descriptions which are clear and concise, and explains the benefits of living in the property and the attractions of its location. If a home is near to a bus route, near to schools & shops or has a superb view then it is a very important story to share with potential buyers.
Local Newspaper Advertising & Articles
Those looking to buy a home in South Devon have so many avenues to explore when looking for a property. As well as being highlighted on premium property websites, such as Zoopla and Rightmove, properties on the books of Saunders & Lingard are also advertised in local press, which is still the preferred route for many people initially researching homes in a given local area. Articles written by the Saunders & Lingard team are also a mainstay in regional papers, such as the Herald Express and the Western Morning News.
'Open House' Viewings
While ‘Open House' events are commonplace in Australia and America, and can provide a superb exposé of a property, this hasn't really caught on in the UK. However, as part of a well structured marketing plan, using social media exposure and press advertising, these can really be a useful way of selling your home. Over the last few months Saunders & Lingard have had a number of successful events in Newton Abbot and Paignton, and when done correctly at the start of marketing it can be rather effective, instead of being introduced as a last resort!
Refreshing and unique, Saunders & Lingard are happy to discuss a marketing plan to aid the sale of your property and are looking forward to continuing to help their customers open the door to a better kind of estate agency in 2018, so don't hesitate to call if you'd like a free property valuation !

Article contributed by Fran Suermondt, Rabbit Attack PR.