The Retirement Sector In Devon & What Properties Retirees Are Looking For

Date Published 27 September 2017

Only this week a survey in the MSN Money site showed that the fourth most popular place to live in the United Kingdom is Devon and that the county is attracting more pensioners than anywhere else in England and Wales.
The Saunders & Lingard team estimate that around 40% of people who view properties with them are planning to retire to Devon, or they have already moved into this beautiful area of ours and are looking to downsize.
This amounts to a quite dramatic change of property for many of them, as frequently they are sacrificing large family homes, where they have raised children and had grandchildren visiting. These are homes packed full of memories, that are consequently, can be really hard to leave. And that's not to mention the chattels that have accumulated over the years, most of which are unlikely to suit their onward purchase, nor fit (it is a down size after all!)
So what are these buyers seeking? Many want a 2 or 3 bedroom bungalow, for the simplicity of living on one level, and for peace of mind that they will never need to deal with stairs at some future point where mobility could become restrictive. Yet they still want enough bedrooms for when their children and grandchildren come to visit them ……and they will, it is Devon!
Others want an apartment, often a 'lock up and leave', thus freeing them up to spend time travelling abroad without the concerns of security or garden maintenance at home.
Some buyers still want traditional layouts, with separate dining room, whilst more and more are embracing the trend towards open plan living.
And of course, the reason for our lovely South Devon? The lure of the sea, the moors, the vast range of outdoor activities from walking to sailing, cycling to fishing, or simply relaxing by the beach hut and watching the world go by. All in a place where the people are friendly, crime rates are low, food is locally grown, and whatever the weather, there's always something to do or somewhere to visit.
Saunders & Lingard know the importance of these sometimes very emotionally and quite stressful reasons for buying a property and are always on hand to make the whole experience as pain free as necessary. They have also embraced the fact that many do want to downsize to an apartment.
. A three bedroom apartment is available now and is in a stunning location in Torquay with fabulous panoramic views across the communal gardens and of the surrounding area of the Lincombes, Meadfoot and taking in the sea around Thatcher Rock.
Retirement really can't come too quickly, when you can enjoy your coffee (or cocktails) whilst viewing Torbay from numerous rooms and balconies!
Refreshing and unique, Saunders & Lingard are looking forward to helping their customers open the door to a better kind of estate agency. Call us now if you are considering making the downsize move, and we'd be happy to simply chat through some options!
Article contributed by Fran Suermondt, Rabbit Attack PR.