Top Ten Tips

Date Published 20 April 2020

Top Ten Tips to sell your home.
1. Choose Saunders & Lingard Estate Agents and we will take care of everything for you! This includes preparing the sales details, floorplan and photographs. We will then commence the marketing process of your home via the major online property portals, along with many other sites, our own website and via social media posts along with contacting registered buyers.
2. Help Us Help you. Before we take photos there are a few very simple pointers that can really make a difference when launching your home onto the market, and every little bit really does help!
3. Kerb Appeal. Many potential buyers still like to do a ‘drive past' before arranging a viewing and they could be put off before they even visit your home if the first impression isn't welcoming. Make sure that the exterior of your home is smart and if it is looking tired give it a wash down or paint, especially side gates, fences and the front door. If there is an outside light, make sure it works and a working doorbell/knocker is also important. Put up some hanging baskets, buy flowering plants in pots and some bedding plants and importantly, try and hide the bins, even if it's just for the viewings.
4. De-clutter, but don't de-personalise. You don't have to go crazy and carry out an expensive re-decoration, however a bit of freshening up will help, especially door frames and gloss work. Make sure rooms are as clutter-free as possible, light and airy, house plants and flowers are a great idea, as to is a carefully placed or hung mirror. Kitchens and bathrooms are key selling rooms so having clear and clean worktops and surfaces is essential and this is a great time to go through the cupboards and clear out what you no longer need. However, remember, this is your home, not purely a house so a ‘personal touch' is still important, leave family photos around, have small ‘tidy' children's toys around, if you have them, and really play on your homes strength, be it a family home or a smart apartment.
5. Pets. We are pet owners, however your buyers might not be, and a pet can be a real distraction during a property viewing. Pets should be out of the house for a viewing, ideally sometime beforehand so the house can be aired of any pet smells.
6. The devil is in the detail. Light bulbs, a squeaky floorboard, a door that is hard to open/close. If your property is up against others then these are the little things people remember, however small, so this is a great time to get those ‘little' jobs around the house done.
7. Room definition. Your buyer needs to see themselves living in your home so they need to be clear about which room they are in. If you use your dining room as a gym, change it back to a dining room, your third bedroom as a home office, then change it back to a bedroom. Simply put, each room should be dressed for its original purpose.
8. Leave it to us! We have spent years learning how to get the most out of each viewing and we will have specific route around your home allowing it to be shown off to its full potential. Buyers will want to wander and we let them have time alone to chat through the property, deal with any questions and most importantly, make them feel very welcome and ‘at home' in your home.
9. Outside. Whatever the time of year its essential that you make the most of your outdoor space, and this will be a key selling point for most buyers. Cut the grass, cut back bushes and make the space look as large and bright as possible. Again, buy some flowering plants and pots to add colour, clean the patio and make sure fences are up and any deck is not slippery.
10. Listen to the experts. After all your hard work, it's up to us to get the most out of the viewings. We will be honest with feedback and can advise you on anything that needs to be addressed.