The Benefits Of Moving To South Devon

Date Published 27 September 2017

"Torquay, with its pier and its diadem of white,
Is a most beautiful and very dazzling sight,
With its white villas glittering on the sides of its green hills,
And as the tourist gazes thereon with joy his heart fills"
By William McGonagall.

The Saunders & Lingard team have a passion and that is helping their customers choose the best property for their needs in the beautiful areas of Torquay, Paignton, Newton Abbot, Teignmouth, Dawlish and Brixham. But just what does make this stunning area of the South West so attractive and why should people move here?

Devon has the most chocolate-box inspired, countryside scenery you could possibly find anywhere in the UK. And when you combine this with award winning beaches and superb visitor attractions and restaurants, it is no surprise that this is the top destination for retirees in the UK.

But did you also know that, South Devon, is not as expensive as you may think when buying a property? A detached two bedroom home can be as little as £230,000! Or how about living in a thatched Grade II listed semi-detached cottage for only £170,00? Great prices for living in an amazing part of the United Kingdom!

With house prices growing at the slowest pace for five years in the south of England as noted in The Independent this week, they are rising in East Midlands and Yorkshire, so now is the perfect time to make your move to Devon.

The Directors of Saunders & Lingard all hail from this part of Devon and their joint property experience totals almost 6 decades, so they invite you to come on a journey with them and they can share some of the delights of living in this region, help you locate your next home, and move you closer to your dreams.

Cosy pubs, sand castles, steam trains, cream teas and wonderful walks await ... so what are you waiting for?

Refreshing and unique, Saunders & Lingard are looking forward to helping their customers open the door to a better kind of estate agency.....