Get Your Home Summer Ready..

Date Published 30 May 2018

...for sale maximisation!

Our Award Winning estate agency based in Paignton & Newton Abbot believe that by using the hints and tips below, summer can be used to a natural advantage when selling your property, especially when you are by our beautiful coastline and in our stunning rural Devon setting.
Whilst the spring is commonly seen as the best time to sell your home, life, as we all know, is rarely perfect, you may simply not have any choice but to move home in the summer months, due to relocating for a new job for example.
So just what are the ways in which you can get your home summer sale ready?
Bring The Summer Inside
The good thing about this time of year, is that is (should) be nice and bright and sunny. So why not make the most of this natural light and bring the sunshine in? If possible hang light fabric curtains and pull any blinds open to the top, thus ensuring that you grab maximum light impact to make rooms looks bigger.
Decorate With Summer Colours & Minimalise
Do your home decor accessories scream winter or shout summer? Try ditching the dark red ornaments and vases and replace with bright joyful pinks, yellows (the en vogue colour of the day) and Brixham blues and Dartmoor greens for calmness. By keeping the main decor on the walls neutral, it is easy to introduce splashes of colour here and there....and don't forget to get rid of too many knick knacks!
Mow That Lawn ...It Is Wimbledon Season After All!!
With perfect lawns seen all of the UK at sporting events, flower shows and Royal Weddings, you should be making the most of your own carpet of garden green. It is recommend that you mow your grass between 4 to 8 times a month in the summer. For perfect stripes, use a roller or cylinder mower, of which there are some superb examples on the market today.
Your Garden Is Your Friend
At this time of year, of course, your garden can be a great asset. Grow the most colourful flowers you can and also make sure to use decoratives pots filled with blooms or pretty edibles if you have a patio. If we have a really good summer and there is no chance of rain on the viewing day, make sure you have stunning garden furniture outside. This creates an outdoor relaxation area and produces a picture perfect lifestyle image to the buyer.
Don't Be Stuffy About It
No not you, your home! Bring natural air fresheners from your garden into your home ...scented blooms are ideal. Make sure if it is a hot day, that you have fresh air coming in through windows or patio doors, for a romantic touch have light curtains that billow with the breeze.
Cool Refreshments
If you are at home when the estate agent is showing clients around your home, provide cool homemade lemonade to drink, this can be displayed nicely on your patio table, it just brings that extra sparkle to the viewing experience!
Refreshing and unique, Saunders & Lingard are looking forward to continuing to help their customers open the door to a better kind of estate agency in 2018 .....

Article contributed by Fran Suermondt, Rabbit Attack PR