Homes With Hidden Treasures

Date Published 05 October 2017

As the old saying goes, you should never judge a book by its cover….we all learn this over time, that elderly person sat quietly in the park could have been a spy in the war, the scary looking tattooed man in the bar could be the first to help if you were in trouble, the most unappealing cake at the church fete could be the tastiest one of all!
But what about properties? One of our brand new introductions is a home which is beautiful in itself, but also includes a readily converted loft bedroom with loads of character. Bright and light, this stunning room has two velux windows to bring the gorgeous shades of the seasons in with serene grace.
Maybe you have a culinary flair or are a budding Barvista? One of our properties had a beautiful fitted kitchen … including an inbuilt VERY swish coffee maker! A little hidden gem if ever we saw one!
Or it can be the simplest quirks in a home that can make you smile, one of our customers has a twisted knot in one of her wooden doors in her bedroom and in the autumn, when the sun is at a certain point in the sky, this knot of wood turns bright red, like a beautiful ruby, she loves to lie on her bed sometimes and get lost in that tiny glowing gem of wood.
You see ….humans and homes are all different, and we should never judge either one by their cover or you may miss out on something magical.
Refreshing and unique, Saunders & Lingard are looking forward to helping their customers open the door to a better kind of estate agency